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Sleek satchels that pack some serious power

Sleek satchels that pack some serious power


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Fit for arduous travel schedules and lengthy commutes, the recently released luggage line from Powerbag features an on-board charging system to keep you on the grid no matter how far from an outlet you may be. Each bag’s removable and rechargeable power source comes equipped with an Apple device connector, Mini and Mico-USB cords, and a standard USB port, putting out enough power for up to four devices at once. Most importantly, the smart charge system diverts power to the devices that need it most, preventing your tablet from hoarding all the juice.

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On the outside of each bag you’ll find a small button that illuminates to display the current battery level of the internal power source. The bag’s deliberately subtle design—charging level is momentarily displayed at a touch of the adjacent button—allows you to safely carry expensive electronics without drawing attention.

Powerbag-filet--3.jpgThe Business Class Pack is a basic backpack with all the highlights hidden on the inside. We love the the number of compartments and velour-lined pockets, preventing your gear from getting all scratched up. Its most notable claim is a “checkpoint-friendly” zipper that opens to lie the bag flat so you don’t have to remove your laptop from the rear compartment for airport security screenings. Life changing.

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Much like its over-the-shoulder brother, the Instant Messenger bag is defined by its subdued design and tech-driven inner workings. With a padded laptop sleeve and numerous zippered pockets, this sling bag has more than enough room for long-distance travel or the everyday commute.

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Outfitted with a removable 6000mAh battery, the bags offer enough juice to fully charge an average smartphone up to four times before the power supply needs to be refilled. Both packs feature a small AC adapter plug on the outside that connects to any wall outlet for easy recharging. The Business Class Pack and the Instant Messenger bag sell for $180 each directly from Powerbag online. Other styles are also available, and smaller chargers are available at a lower cost.


by Evan Orensten from the original article  at coolhunting.com

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