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Entertaining Airline Safety Video | Volaris

Entertaining Airline Safety Video | Volaris

Prepare for takeoff with the world’s silliest, sexiest, and tongue-in-cheekiest airline safety videos.

Volaris, a Mexican low-cost airline, unveiled its telenovela-style video featuring local celebrity actress Claudia Lizaldi back in 2010. That a budget carrier even forked over the money to produce this is a bit shocking, but Volaris’s investment paid off as you’d be hard-pressed to find a more hilarious safety presentation.

The video’s dramatic theme starts up when Lizaldi falls in love (lust) with a handsome passenger, who ends up sitting next to her, a realization that leaves her breathless. Naturally, that’s the perfect time to talk about oxygen masks. Genius.

Ready to be reminded where the exits are? Stay tuned for more soon.

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