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Travelers, be on guard connecting to the Internet away from home

Like many, you likely use Internet access while traveling. In fact, many travelers choose their hotel because it offers free high-speed WiFi Internet access. One of the most popular hotel and cruise line loyalty program benefits is free high-speed WiFi Internet access.
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How to Avoid Feeling Bloated on Planes

How to Avoid Feeling Bloated on Planes

Try these doctor-approved fixes for the common stomach trouble linked with air travel.

Jet belly—it’s a term flight attendants use to describe the not-so-pleasant (and all-too-common symptom) of air travel: a heavy, bloated stomach. But what’s the reasoning behind our pants tightening up in the air? read more

The Bee Gees and a few noise-avoidance tricks & harmonic tweaking

One day in 1968, members of the BeeGees were flying aboard a British Airways Vickers Viscount plane, listening closely to the aircraft noise inside the cabin. “It was one of those old four-engine ‘prop’ jobs’ that seemed to drone the passenger into a sort of hypnotic trance, only with this it was different,” the late singer Robin Gibb once said in a BeeGees anthology. “The droning, after a while, appeared to take the form of a tune, which mysteriously sounded like a church choir.” According to Gibb, it inspired one of the band’s most famous songs, I Started A Joke. read more

A tale of luggage gone wrong and it’s not because airlines lose a lot of bags

The poet Maya Angelou once said you can tell a lot about a person from the way they respond to three things: a rainy day, tangled Christmas lights, and lost luggage.

Maya, Maya. Where were you at 2 a.m. the dark night I arrived in Paris without my bags? I needed my suit for the next morning, not folksy aphorisms or your musings on why the caged bird sings. Personally, I find the caged bird sings most beautifully when he has his laptop charger and toothbrush.

We’ll never know quite how Dr. Angelou would cope with the news that a vacation’s worth of clean underwear has been flown to the wrong Portland. But she’s right to suggest read more

Miss Sunshine’ -Virgin Atlantic’s A330 Aircraft

Travellers heading from London to New York can now experience the transatlantic trip in sublime comfort aboard ‘Miss Sunshine’ (as Virgin Atlantic’s new A330 aircraft has been dubbed) in the much-awaited Upper Class Suite.

The airline’s in-house design team joined forces with London-based studio Pengelly Design for the seating and with VW+BS for the bar and interior elements. The super-shiny, futuristic space comes complete with Swarovski Crystal embellishments, mood lighting, and a hefty dose of the Virgin colour palette.

Four years in the making, the sleek suites feature elegant leather seats that each conveniently have their own aisle access, beds that are longer than any other airline’s, frosted Perspex passenger divides for light and privacy, and easy access storage solutions. Meanwhile a gleaming bar, which is separate from the cabin, provides a space to mingle with other passengers.

In keeping up with our digital age, the team has ensured we will never have to go without. A programme called AeroMobile, allows passengers to use their own mobile phones in the air. Even better, the new entertainment system is smartphone, tablet and USB compatible, giving passengers the choice to read, watch or listen to their own media.

The re-designed cabin will also soon be available on the Mumbai service, from October this year. Meanwhile, the Virigin team is currently working on resizing and tweaking the Upper Class Suite to fit their 787 Dreamliners, which is due for delivery in 2015.

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