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Inside the Faena Hotel Miami Beach: a new hotel is making waves in the city’s new Faena District

Originally built in 1948 by businessman George Sax, the hotel – which hosted Hollywood royalty from Marilyn Monroe to Frank Sinatra – was the first luxury property to grace Miami Beach, instigating the myriad luxury hotels that now line the strip. ‘We are bringing the old Saxony back to life with ambitious and beautiful design and materials,’ says Faena of the 169-room property. In a bid to move away from traditional hotel conceptions, Faena enlisted a movie duo, director and producer Baz Luhrmann and costume designer Catherine Martin to oversee the top-to-toe renovation. read more

Delta Airlines | Just as good as the food set on the table.

It is no secret that airlines are waging an increasingly pitched battle for the biggest-spending passengers who fly in premium classes: The carriers have deployed amenities like fluffy feather duvets and spa treatments.
Now, Delta Air Lines is trying to gain an edge with its food — a decidedly tall order. read more

Ruschmeyer Hotel | No-frills hotel bridges the low-key village aesthetic of old Montauk

Ruschmeyer Hotel | No-frills hotel bridges the low-key village aesthetic of old Montauk and its emerging role as a Hamptons

Evocative of a period nautical summer camp, Ruschmeyer’s was originally built in 1952 on three lush acres of lakeside woodlands in Montauk, Long Island. The recently renovated cabin-inspired guestrooms circle a central lawn known as The Magic Garden, with picnic tables, read more

A Caribbean Rum Trail

“Care to kiss the ground?” The question came, with a slightly patronizing grin, from Norman Murray, local sage and tour guide in the rural parish of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. “Our visitors from Europe, America — this is a holy pilgrimage for them. So, really,” he egged me on, “feel free.” Confession: I nearly knelt. After years of visiting Jamaica, I had at last landed in Appleton Estate, a centuries-old temple of sorts, teeming with spirits and nestled in the lush Nassau Valley. read more

What’s Cooking- Restaurants, New York

E. B. White, that eloquent chronicler of New York, once proclaimed that anyone wishing to live here should be “willing to be lucky.” That’s still good guidance for locals—and anyone planning to eat out in the city. read more

Miss Sunshine’ -Virgin Atlantic’s A330 Aircraft

Travellers heading from London to New York can now experience the transatlantic trip in sublime comfort aboard ‘Miss Sunshine’ (as Virgin Atlantic’s new A330 aircraft has been dubbed) in the much-awaited Upper Class Suite.

The airline’s in-house design team joined forces with London-based studio Pengelly Design for the seating and with VW+BS for the bar and interior elements. The super-shiny, futuristic space comes complete with Swarovski Crystal embellishments, mood lighting, and a hefty dose of the Virgin colour palette.

Four years in the making, the sleek suites feature elegant leather seats that each conveniently have their own aisle access, beds that are longer than any other airline’s, frosted Perspex passenger divides for light and privacy, and easy access storage solutions. Meanwhile a gleaming bar, which is separate from the cabin, provides a space to mingle with other passengers.

In keeping up with our digital age, the team has ensured we will never have to go without. A programme called AeroMobile, allows passengers to use their own mobile phones in the air. Even better, the new entertainment system is smartphone, tablet and USB compatible, giving passengers the choice to read, watch or listen to their own media.

The re-designed cabin will also soon be available on the Mumbai service, from October this year. Meanwhile, the Virigin team is currently working on resizing and tweaking the Upper Class Suite to fit their 787 Dreamliners, which is due for delivery in 2015.

Sara Henrichs – Wallpaper


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Road Trip USA

USA Road trip including New York San Francisco Grand Canyon Arizona and Nevada

Shot with a Canon7D by Menassier Gabriel


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Travel Destinations For 2012 : Toronto

Visiting Toronto - Here are the Goods

If all you know of Toronto is that it’s clean, safe, and able to double for New York City on film, then you haven’t been here in a while. The city has undergone a dramatic change in the past few years, led by remarkably hip restaurant, fashion, and nightlife scenes. Three locals give T+L their take on Toronto’s new style. —Jonathan Durbin

Cameron Bailey, Codirector of the Toronto International Film Festival

What characteristics would you identify as uniquely Torontonian?
We’re voracious cultural consumers. To be well-versed in both vintage dub reggae and different kinds of hot sauces from Asia is totally normal here.

Where do the film-industry players hang out during the festival?
The Hazelton Hotel’s One Restaurant (416/961-9600; dinner for two $250) is the hot spot. Locals like quieter places; Bar Italia (416/535-3621; dinner for two $95) is where director Atom Egoyan eats.

Has the city upped its style game?
Men’s style here used to be jeans and a lumberjack jacket. Now there are boutiques and tailor-made clothes.

The 2012 Toronto International Film Festival runs Sept. 6–16).

Matt George, Owner of the Men’s Clothing Boutiques, Nomad, and the Speakeasy-Style Goodnight Bar

What would you say is changing the city’s sensibilities?
There’s a huge community of new immigrants. We’ve got the largest Indian, Pakistani, and West Indian populations outside of London, creating a melting pot of ideas.

What are your favorite restaurants?
I love Woodlot (647/342-6307; dinner for two $75) and the Harbord Room (dinner for two $125). They’re real Canadiana—traditional and contemporary food. My go-to sushi spot is Sushi Kaji (416/252-2166; dinner for two $220) in a suburban strip mall in Etobicoke.

Nomad stores (416/682-1107 and 416/202-8777); Goodnight (647/963-5500).

Emily Haines, Lead Singer of the Canadian Rock Band Metric

What do you think is driving the city’s recent transformation?
Torontonians are great travelers. We’re aware of what’s happening internationally and bring these things back—but make them our own.

Where do you like to see music?
For big acts, I head to Sound Academy (416/461-3625). To catch a local band, there’s the fabulous little basement bar, Dakota Tavern (416/850-4579).

And for a drink afterward?
If I tell you then I won’t be able to go anymore! If forced, I’d say Communist’s Daughter (647/435-0103; drinks for two $12). They serve pickled eggs.

—Jennifer Chen. More in series coming soon Courtesy of : Travel & Leisure


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Anthony Bourdain – The Layover – New York

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