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Hotel Hell

Hotel Hell

Hotel Hells wed

Hotel Hell follows Gordon Ramsay and his team of hospitality experts as they travel across America to fix failing hotels, mediocre motels and bed & breakfasts where you’d rather not sleep and definitely won’t want to eat breakfast.

After over a decade of running restaurants in some of the top hotels around the world, traveling extensively as a guest himself and running an award winning hotel in London, Gordon knows first-hand the crucial importance of surpassing guests’ expectations. To get to grips with the problems, Ramsay will endure hotels at their worst so you don’t have to. From dirty bedrooms and mold-ridden bathrooms to incompetent staff or customer service that’s not up to par, Ramsay and his team will work with the hotel owners and employees to turn these hapless establishments around.

Gordon is determined to give each location the competitive edge they need to survive in the cut-throat hospitality industry, so he’ll turn these struggling establishments upside down, from the bar staff to the bedrooms, the receptionists to the room service. As he tries to turn these “No”-tels into successful hotels, Ramsay – in his own inimitable style – will go head-to-head with the owners and staff, raising the tension to maximum capacity.

With reputations on the line, one thing is certain: if they can’t meet Gordon’s high standards, they will never check out of HOTEL HELL.

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