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Airline Booking Safety Standards Procedures


Providing flexible ticketing for clients as airlines resume operations.


For your safety, you should use your mask before boarding, during your flight, and when deplaning. For more on this airlines safety procedures and ticketing expand the (+) signs below.


Tickets purchased before March, 2020 and from March to June 15, 2020

All passengers who purchased their flights for future travel (see the effective dates below), and who voluntary request to change their flight date, we have issued the following flexibility waiver:


Applicable for passengers with tickets starting with 139, also applicable on AM codeshare flights.

The waiver is valid from March 31st, 2020 to April 30th, 2021.


Tickets purchased before March 1, 2020

  • The waiver is valid for original tickets that have been purchased before March 1, 2020.
  • Impacted travel dates: from March 1 to June 30, 2020.
  • Ticket issuing allowed until April 30, 2021.
  • The rescheduled trip must take place before April 30, 2021.


Tickets purchased between March 1 and June 15, 2020.

  • The waiver is valid for original tickets that have been purchased between March 1 and June 15, 2020.
  • Impacted travel dates: from March 1 to April 30, 2021.
  • Ticket issuing allowed until April 30, 2021.
  • The rescheduled trip must take place before April 30, 2021.


For all passengers who have confirmed tickets with us, the following waiver is authorized, as long as it is requested on the dates mentioned above and is limited to one change per customer.


The following conditions apply:

  • No charges for change of date, respecting the same route and paid cabin. In case there is any fare difference, the difference must be paid at the time of re-booking.
  • Route change is allowed without charge. In case there is any difference in the fare between the original ticket and the new ticket, it must be collected at the time of making the change.
  • If the passengers decide not to travel/ do not have a future travel date planned yet, they can cancel their trip and apply unused value of the ticket for a future travel. Final travel must be completed by end of ticket validity, one year since the original issue date. Fees for change will be waived within the validity of this policy and in case there is any fare difference, the difference must be paid at the time of re-booking.
  • Ticket is non-refundable. The value of the unused ticket can be used as an EMD* (Electronic Miscellaneous Document), an electronic voucher that you can use towards any other Aeromexico flight. It is valid for a year from the date of the EMD emission. Route change is permitted as long as the difference in fare is covered. Name change is not permitted.

*All fares apply, including non-refundable fares. Does not apply for Gran Plan.


It is important to mention that we will not be liable for any additional costs, such as ground transportation, meals, phone calls, accommodations and other expenses incurred by passengers affected.




For your safety, you should use your mask before boarding, during your flight, and when deplaning.

You can use a disposable medical face mask, which should be available at your local pharmacy. If you are using a reusable face mask, it must meet the following requirements:


  • Be made out of an absorbent material (such as cotton) and have various layers
  • Cover your nose and mouth without any gaps
  • Have elastic bands or another form of securing the mask
  • Allow you to breathe with ease
  • Keep its shape once it has been washed


In the airports

We are concerned about your health and of everybody else; therefore, we have stringent hygiene protocols in all the airports we operate


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  • Social-distancing measures in documentation, boarding and in luggage pickup
  • Service in alternate counters (one on and one off)
  • Antibacterial gel in each open counter and in the waiting room
  • Temperature scanning to all the customers
  • Health surveys and interviews to passengers
  • Constant paging system of measures
  • There is no contact with cellular phone of the customer when the boarding pass is scanned

We take care of you while you fly, enjoying your flight with the trust and safety you deserve:


  • Essential use of face mask use during the flight for all the passengers (except when food is received and in case of cabin depressurization)
  • Reverse boarding (first-rear rows ending with front rows)
  • Antibacterial gel at the door plane
  • The crew always wears face masks and gloves
  • Individual antibacterial-gel sample per person in international flights
  • HEPA air-filtration system that eliminates 99% of viruses and bacteria, ensuring a healthy and secure environment on board
  • Paging promoting healthy distance on flight

For your safety, you should use your mask before boarding, during your flight, and when deplaning. For more on this airlines safety procedures and ticketing expand the (+) signs below.


If you have purchased a ticket on or after 22 April 2020, you can change it at no extra cost regardless of the cabin/fare you have selected (Light, Standard or Flex) as long as the same cabin/fare is still available.* 

Please note that any other fare conditions attached to your ticket remain unchanged.


If you have purchased a ticket* before 21 April 2020 included for a flight departing before 31 August, 2020, you can postpone your departure date without any change fee, subject to the availability in the same travel cabin. Any changes to your flight must be made before its scheduled departure. Your new trip must begin no later than 30 November, 2020 included.


If you wish to travel on or after 1 December 2020, you can also postpone your departure date without any change fee. If the fare type mentioned in your ticket is not available, you may need to pay the fare difference.


If you have purchased a ticket before 21 April 2020 included at a travel agency, for a flight departing before 31 August 2020 and you no longer wish to travel, please contact them for further information.



At the airport, the measures implemented ensure that all passengers travel in optimal health and safety conditions: 

– introduction of signage to facilitate physical distancing,

– protective Plexiglass screens on all our counters,

– regular disinfection of all our counters and self-service kiosks,

– provision of hand sanitizer throughout the airport,

– reorganization of check-in and boarding to avoid contact as much as possible.



Since 11 May, the checking of passengers’ body temperature is gradually implemented on all Air France flights. Their temperature will be taken using a non-contact infrared thermometer. Taking passengers’ temperature is an additional safety screening method, as a fever is a common symptom of COVID-19.

Your temperature must be below 38°C. If your temperature is higher than this, you may be denied boarding. 

Customers who are deemed unfit to travel after screening will be able to postpone their trip at no extra cost.You must also present all the required documents.





In Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport:

– Terminal 2G at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport is closed. Air France Hop flights which normally depart from this terminal will instead be operated by Air France and depart from Terminal 2F.

– Due to the closure of Paris-Orly airport since April 1st, flights to/from the French overseas departments and to/from Toulouse, Nice and Marseille are transferred to Paris-Charles de Gaulle.

– Advance check-in services, usually offered the day before departure, are suspended. 


These changes to our check-in areas at Paris-Charles de Gaulle reflect the ongoing decrease in activity at the airport. We recommend that you refer to the details in your itinerary.



As from 6 April, we are forced to close our Air France lounges at Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly, in metropolitan France, Europe and worldwide.  

The New York and Chicago lounges will exclusively remain open to customers with an adapted catering offer.



Since 11 May, it is compulsory to wear a mask upon arrival at the airport and on board Air France flights. Each customer is required to wear an approved mask throughout their trip. We recommend that you carry several masks with you for your personal comfort. 

On practically all our flights, the currently low load factors enable us to observe physical distancing.


A new staggered boarding procedure has been introduced, firstly boarding customers sitting at the back of the aircraft, moving up to those at the front, to limit contact.


Our aircraft are equipped with an air filtration system consisting of High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters identical to those used in medical operating rooms. Cabin air is thus completely refreshed every 3 minutes. These HEPA filters remove more than 99.999% of viral and bacterial contaminants, including those as small as 0.01 micrometer, ensuring the air quality in our cabins fully complies with health standards. Viruses, including coronavirus, whose size ranges from 0.08 to 0.16 micrometers, are systematically removed from the air in this way.




We follow strict hygiene procedures to enhance your safety. Before each and every departure, our aircrafts are thoroughly cleaned, including: 

– Vacuuming of carpets and all seats. 

– Cleaning of all hard surfaces (e.g. tablets, armrests, screens, remote controls and toilets) with approved disinfectants 

– Systematic changing of blankets, sealed under protective plastic film packaging for optimal hygiene 

– Since the outbreak of the virus, cushions have been removed on short and medium-haul flights. 

On long-haul flights to and from high-risk areas, cushions are cleaned between each flight with an approved disinfectant.



In order to provide you with the highest level of safety, we have put in place additional hygiene protocols. All aircraft originating from high-risk countries are completely disinfected using approved cleaning sprays.



On board each aircraft, crew members have for their protection:

– Cleaning wipes 

– Vinyl gloves 

– Disinfectant sprays 

– Protective masks 

– Cleaning kits consisting of gloves and wipes



On each of our flights and in all our cabins, your health and that of our crews is our top priority. The hygiene measures introduced as a result of the crisis mean that we have to adapt our in-flight service to minimize interactions and contacts. The beverage and in-flight dining services are suspended on domestic and short-haul flights within Europe. 

On long-haul flights, we are limiting the in-flight service, and prioritizing the use of sealed or individually wrapped products. Snacks may be served in our Bon Appétit bags and the second meals served at the end of the flight, may be suspended. 


We are also no longer able to offer duty-free items, or the paper press on board our flights. The press and magazine offer remains available on our Air France Play app, and can be downloaded before your flight.



More Info


Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis, we have been adapting our network and flight schedule in real-time in line with travel restrictions and demand. Since end-March, we are operating between 3 and 5% of our usual schedule, in order to maintain a service to the French regions and links with key destinations in Europe and worldwide, to transport passengers and goods. In this capacity, we currently serve 43 destinations.

Between now and the end of June and subject to travel restrictions being lifted, we plan to gradually increase in the number of frequencies and destinations, especially to/from Metropolitan France, the French Overseas Departments, and Europe.

This schedule will be equivalent to 15% of our flight capacities usually deployed at this time of year and will be operated by 75 of the 224 aircraft in our fleet. 

Our flight schedule is up to date until 30 June 2020.

It is likely to change and remains subject to obtaining the necessary governmental authorizations.

The flight schedule of July and August will be published at the beginning of June 2020.


For your safety, you should use your mask before boarding, during your flight, and when deplaning. For more on this airlines safety procedures and ticketing expand the (+) signs below.

  • Bought your ticket before May 31, 2020, for travel between March 1 and September 30, 2020, you can rebook without change fees*.
  • Buy a new trip March 1 – May 31, 2020, for all future travel, you can also change it a later date without change fees. 
  • Plus, if you have a ticket that is expiring between March 1 and September 30, 2020, the value of your unused ticket can be used for travel through December 31, 2021.
  • You may owe any difference in ticket price.

Improvements to cleaning procedures will began in early May 2020 and will expand to every mainline and regional flight over time. 


At the airport

  • We have an extensive protocol for cleaning customer and team member areas throughout the airport.
  • We’ve added stanchions at ticket counters and gates to encourage create more space.
  • Sanitizing wipes are also available for our team members and hand sanitizing stations are available for customers in key locations throughout the airport.
  • Our gate announcements have been updated to avoid crowding at the gate during the boarding process. 

A face covering is now required while flying with us, except for very young children or anyone with a condition that prevents them from wearing one.

  • Cleaning practices have always met or exceeded all CDC guidelines.
  • All planes also undergo a deep cleaning procedure on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • Is expanding the comprehensive cleaning package used during longer stops to every mainline flight. This will include cleaning customer areas like tray tables and seatbelt buckles and team member areas like galleys and cockpit surfaces. 
  • Is using additional electrostatic spraying to disinfect our planes with an EPA-registered hospital-grade disinfectant on both hard and soft surfaces.
  • Most planes have High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters that provide a complete air change approximately 15 – 30 times per hour. 
  • Starting in early May 2020 flight attendants will be required to wear masks on all flights. Every flight we operate will be supplied with masks and other sanitizing items for crew members.
  • Also, starting in early May 2020, and as supplies and conditions allow, AA will begin to offer sanitizing wipes and face masks to our customers.

Addditional infomation can be had here.



For your safety, you should use your mask before boarding, during your flight, and when deplaning. For more on this airlines safety procedures and ticketing expand the (+) signs below.


In these unprecedented times we know how important it is for you to have flexibility.

Our book with confidence commitment means you have the option to change your booking date and destination. Or even cancel it completely.


Changing your booking

For bookings made from 3 March until 31 July 2020 on journeys that are due to have been completed by 31 December 2020, please complete the online voucher form to change both your destination and dates. We will cancel your booking on your behalf and email you a voucher to the value of your booking, valid until 30 April 2022.

Vouchers can be used as payment, or part payment, for a future booking. Your new trip booked using a voucher must be fully completed by 30 April 2022 (departure and return). You will receive your voucher by email within seven days of your application.


Cancelling your booking

If you decide you no longer want to travel, you can cancel your booking and we’ll give you a voucher to the same value for a future booking (applies to bookings for travel between now and 31 July 2020). Your voucher will be valid until 30 April 2022.


The cleanliness of our aircraft is of utmost importance. We have reviewed and made changes to our cleaning programme for aircraft including increasing our cleaning teams and audit inspections. Our disinfectant cleaning fluids are used on every aircraft after each flight to thoroughly clean all hard surfaces in the cabins and lavatories.

All our aircraft are fitted with HEPA filters which remove particulate and bacterial contamination and provide passengers with clean air. They provide the same level of air filtration as hospital operating theatres.

We take our commitment to your safety, comfort and well-being very seriously which is why we’ve made changes to our onboard service to avoid food preparation on our aircraft.

Special dietary requirements or allergies will not be catered to. 

You can eat any food brought with you that does not require heating or chilling.

We‘ll continue to assist parents who need to heat milk for their children.



Food or drinks will not be available to purchase on board short-haul flights. However, we’ll be offering complimentary light refreshments and water.

Hot drinks will be available on request.



We’ve worked closely with food and health experts to make available a selection of hot and soft drinks as well as some light refreshments.

We’ll be carefully and hygienically preparing and packaging your light refreshments before your flight.

If you would like to bring food onboard, we suggest you purchase food before you reach the airport, as many restaurants and shops at the airport may be closed.


We ask all customers to wear a face mask at all times in the airport and on board. As a guide, a face mask could last up to four hours, so please make sure that you bring enough for the duration of your trip. Please be aware, that it’s now a mandatory requirement to wear one in many airports.


For your safety, you should use your mask before boarding, during your flight, and when deplaning. For more on this airlines safety procedures and ticketing expand the (+) signs below.


If your travel plans have changed, please cancel or modify your itinerary in My Trips ahead of your departure date and incur no change fees or Award redeposit fees if your travel is eligible for a waiver. This action dramatically helps our agents successfully assign seats a safe distance apart to those who are traveling on the aircraft and ensure weight and balance guidelines are met.

We are waiving change fees and Award redeposit fees for travel impacted by coronavirus. This applies to domestic and international travel departing March through September 30, 2020, as well as all tickets purchased between March 1 and June 30, 2020.

If your travel is eligible for a waiver, you can move your travel dates and even select a new destination. Your unused ticket will be applied toward your new flight, and in some instances a fare difference will apply. If the new fare is lower, you will receive an eCredit for the difference. If the new fare is higher, the difference will be collected. The fare difference will be waived for changes to existing travel between March – Sept 2020 if originally purchased before April 17th and traveling to the same destination before September 30, 2020.


All customers must wear a mask or face covering, and extra masks and Care Kits will be available at check-in if you need one.

Kiosks are being wiped down and sanitized frequently throughout the day. For a touchless check-in experience, download the Fly Delta app.

Hand sanitizer dispensers have been added near high-traffic and high-touch locations throughout the airport.

For everyone’s safety, all our customer-facing employees will have their temperature checked before reporting to work. They will also be on hand to guide you through new procedures and answer any questions.

All our employees wear masks or face coverings.

Check-in counters are being wiped down and sanitized frequently throughout the day.

Plexiglass shields have been added to all Delta counters that are staffed with an agent throughout the airport and are in place systemwide.

Baggage stations, where checked bags are located before they are loaded on the aircraft, are being wiped down and sanitized throughout the day.

Floor decals are being added to provide guidance for maintaining a safe distance while in line.

Clean surfaces and safe distancing are our key priorities at the gate and during boarding. To deliver on that commitment, we’ve updated our procedures for more space, cleaner surfaces and reduced contact with other customers.

Electrostatic spraying with high-grade disinfectant is used to sanitize our gate areas and jet bridges; the sprayers disperse the disinfectant in a fine mist which clings to surfaces throughout the entire area.

All customers must wear a mask or face covering, and extra masks and Care Kits will be available at the gate if you need one.

Cleaning supplies have been added at the counter for agents to spot clean as they see fit.

Plexiglass shields have been added at all Delta counters throughout airports systemwide.

Gate counters are being wiped down frequently throughout the day.

All our employees wear masks or face coverings.

The Fly Delta app can be used to scan your boarding pass for touchless boarding. App users will also be sent a notification that their aircraft has been sanitized and inspected before boarding.

To minimize your contact with other customers, boarding will occur from back to front, with those customers seated at the back of the aircraft boarding first. Boarding is now limited to 10 customers at a time.

Jet bridges are being wiped down and sanitized frequently throughout the day.

Decals are being added at the gate and in the jet bridges to promote safe distancing.

Hand sanitizer dispensers have been added near high-traffic and high-touch locations.


We have also reinforced the cleaning procedure on our aircraft. As well as increasing the frequency of cleaning, we have introduced the use of recommended anti-COVID-19 products with a special treatment for surfaces (armrests, folding tables, overhead compartments, etc.), toilets (toilet seat, flush button, cupboard, door knob, taps, etc.) and crew areas.The air in our cabins is renewed every three minutes. Our aircraft are fitted with HEPA filters that remove 99.99% of the viruses and bacteria in recirculated air.Our crew have received training and have access on board to the necessary equipment to implement the protection protocols and systems established by the health authorities if a person with symptoms is detected during the flight.

To reduce contact and therefore the risks, we have simplified the on-board service and suspended on-board sales and the distribution of our magazines and catalogues.

  • On flights of less than four hours, we have suspended the meal service and removed blankets and pillows.
  • On long-haul flights, we have simplified the service and introduced disposable materials, and all on-board linen is sanitised after each use. We have reinforced the hand soap in all aircraft toilet facilities. And during flights we offer messages from the health authorities about detection, protection and reporting illness.

For your safety, you should use your mask before boarding, during your flight, and when deplaning. For more on this airlines safety procedures and ticketing expand the (+) signs below.


Get a free flight change. Book now with the peace of mind of being able to change your flight later.

If you buy your trip for 2020 from May 28 to June 30, you can change your flight for free. Applies to all fares.


It’s as simple as this:


  • Request the change (date, time, origin and/or destination) up to 15 days before departure.
  • Just pay the fare difference (if any).


At this difficult time we are offering complete flexibility by relaxing the change and refund conditions for all fares and flights until 31 August, provided they were booked by 28 May 2020. So you can plan your trip later on.


You can use the ticket amount until 31 December 2021, even if your ticket doesn’t allow a refund or change. This means that you can use the amount as if it were cash for one or more flights to any destination and for anyone you want, until you have used up the voucher balance.

If you prefer to choose a more convenient time to travel, you can change your ticket to another date without any penalty. Changes are permitted until 30 June 2021.


The airports authority has reinforced the cleaning procedure with special products for check-in desks and all customer contact points.

To respect the social distancing recommended by the health authorities, we have introduced a new queueing system for check-in, boarding and all customer service points at airports.

We have also installed screens at check-in and customer service desks.

We have temporarily closed our premium lounges in Madrid.

We have increased the safety measures for boarding and disembarkation, prioritising entry and exit from planes by airbridge wherever possible. Both our airport agents and cabin crew will continue to provide guidance and assistance to customers, maintaining the greatest possible distance in passing zones.

We recommend that you check in online before you go to the airport and that, wherever possible, you download your boarding pass to your phone to avoid physical contact. 


We kindly remind our customers that, in accordance with current regulations, to protect your own health and that of other passengers, you are required to wear a face mask covering your nose and mouth when boarding the aircraft and throughout the flight. If you do not have a mask, we will be obliged to deny you boarding.

Our Comprehensive Health and Safety Plan protects the health of our workers and offers additional safety for contact with customers. Serological tests for all our employees, the use of PPE, sanitisation measures and the disinfection of all work tools are just some of the aspects included in this plan.

During the selection and allocation of seatsas well as during boarding, the necessary measures are taken to ensure the maximum distance between passengers.

We hope you will understand if our cabin crew can’t help you with your hand baggage, because this is an additional measure to avoid the risk of spreading infection. 


For your protection, we’ve raised the standard for cleanliness, created more space for you on board, and modified our service to reduce physical touch points.

An extensive checklist is followed to ensure everything meets our elevated standards. If an aircraft doesn’t pass our spot check before you board, our teams can hold the flight and call back the cleaning crew.

Electrostatic spraying with high-grade disinfectant is used to safely sanitize all our aircraft before every flight; the sprayers disperse the disinfectant in a fine mist throughout the entire cabin.

Lavatories are cleaned during flight and extensively cleaned and sanitized after every flight.

All overhead bin handles are sanitized before every flight.

All our aircraft are ventilated with fresh, outside air,or air that is recirculated through high-grade HEPA filters, which extract more than 99.99% of particles, including viruses.

To give you more space, select seats have been temporarily blocked across all cabins on all aircraft,and the total number of customers per flight has been reduced.

All blankets and bedding are laundered after every flight and all Main Cabin pillows are disposed after every use.

Customers must wear masks or face coverings throughout the entire duration of the flight, except during meal service.

All armrests are thoroughly wiped down and sanitized before every flight.

All our employees wear masks or face coverings.

To allow for greater space when deplaning, our flight attendants will cue customers to exit the aircraft.

Your seat and space are most important, so we’ve implemented policies to keep it clean and safe, so you can fly with peace of mind knowing we’ve got you covered.
Complimentary Care Kits with a face mask and sanitizing wipe will be available upon request. Amenity kits will also be available on all long-haul international flights.

All tray tables are thoroughly wiped down and sanitized before every flight.

Sanitizing wipes and gel packs are available on board for your use, and our crews are supplied with wipes to keep galleys, equipment, lavatories, and the flight deck clean.

Seat back screens and all surrounding surfaces are thoroughly wiped down and sanitized before every flight.

All non-essential items, such as Sky magazine and glassware, have been removed.

To reduce service touch points, food and beverage offerings have been pared down, but you are still welcome to bring TSA-compliant food on board.

Snack bags, including a beverage, snack and sanitizing wipe or gel, are being handed out on select flights at boarding to reduce onboard service touch points.


For your safety, you should use your mask before boarding, during your flight, and when deplaning. For more on this airlines safety procedures and ticketing expand the (+) signs below.


We have consolidated operations in Boston, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco and Washington D.C. and temporarily suspended service in other cities through June 30. These temporary changes allow us to reduce excess flying during a time with less demand. In addition, we continue to adjust our international schedule as we monitor rapidly evolving government restrictions on international travel.

We’re waiving change/cancel fees for customers with existing bookings made before June 30. If you choose to rebook, you can do so on any flight through the end of our schedule. Fare difference may apply.
If your flight is cancelled by JetBlue and you had a confirmed reservation at the time of cancellation, the following options are available:
• Travel on the next available JetBlue flight at no additional charge
• Receive a JetBlue Travel Bank Credit, valid for 24 months from the date of issuance
• Receive a refund to the original form of payment if your flight cannot be rebooked within 2 hours (120 minutes)


Based on the latest CDC guidelines and new state and local laws in some of our largest markets, all JetBlue crewmembers will now wear face masks in public. This is in addition to protective measures already in place such as the use of medical-grade gloves and other available personal protective equipment (PPE).
Providing hand sanitizer throughout terminals and disinfectant wipes to customers on board upon request

We continue to monitor and respond to the rapidly evolving government restrictions to locations we fly. We are doing everything we can to minimize impact to your travel while protecting the health and safety of our customers and crewmembers. Review current notices and government restrictions for JetBlue specific destinations

Starting May 4, all customers must wear face coverings (including scarves, bandanas or other forms of face protection) during travel. This includes during check-in, boarding, in flight, and deplaning. Young children who are not able to maintain a face covering on their own are exempt from this policy. Visit the CDC website for more information about face coverings, and our blog for more information about customer and crew member safety. Please contact us if you have questions.


Jet Blue has updated their processes for boarding and deplaning the aircraft to encourage social distancing. Customers will now board by row starting from the back of the aircraft as opposed to our standard group boarding process. This will help reduce the number of customers passing each other to get to their seats. In addition, customers will be asked to remain seated upon arrival until the row in front of them has completely cleared before deplaning.

Requiring face coverings for all customers during check-in, boarding and in flight.
In addition:

  • Blocking middle seats on larger aircraft and aisle seats on smaller aircraft for those not traveling together (at least through July 6)
  • Providing the most space between each row of seats of any U.S. airline
  • Providing touch less check-in and boarding experiences using the JetBlue mobile app and self-boarding gates for many of our flights
  • Implementing a back-to-front boarding process for most customers to minimize passing in the aisle
  • Adjusting on board service including pre-sealed snack and beverage bags in Core, and pre-packaged fresh meals in Mint
  • Using your personal device as a remote for seatback screens on select planes
  • Increased aircraft cleaning before every flight and overnight, including surfaces that are touched most like tray tables
  • Using electrostatic sprayers to disinfect the inside of our aircraftFiltering cabin air through hospital-grade HEPA air filters with cabin air completely changing about every three minutes

For your safety, you should use your mask before boarding, during your flight, and when deplaning. For more on this airlines safety procedures and ticketing expand the (+) signs below.


Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, we’ve been closely monitoring the situation. Of course, we’re doing everything possible to assist you with your upcoming travel plans

At this time, we’re gradually resuming some of our flights. Are you planning your next holiday, but worried about having to cancel your trip? To take away your concerns, we’re offering guaranteed flexible rebooking options. Book your upcoming KLM flight now and change your booking at no extra cost 


Global rebook and refund policies

Around the world, various measures have been or are being taken by local authorities to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Unfortunately, this means that we had to adjust our flight schedules. Therefore, we’re offering several rebooking and refund possibilities. Please see below the options we can offer you.

You can change your booking until 30 June 2021, but it would be especially helpful to us if you would do so before your original travel date.

Additional information


Until at least 31 August 2020, you’re required to wear a face mask from the first boarding call until you have gone through the arrival gate at your destination to prevent the further spread of the virus. Without face covering, we cannot allow you to board. We strongly advise you to wear a mask at the rest of the airport as well. At some destinations, wearing masks is required in public areas, including the airport. Make sure to check the health requirements of the airports you’re travelling to and from, and transferring in.

Passengers up to 10 years old and passengers who can’t wear face covering because of medical reasons are exempted from this requirement.

Health measures at the airport

Hygiene and social distancing measures are taken to ensure your safety. When you arrive at the airport, please make sure you follow instructions given to you by airport staff. The guidelines on how to act can vary per country because of government measures. Keep in mind restaurants might be closed.

Lounge at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Unfortunately, we had to close the Schengen KLM Crown Lounge. However, you’re welcome to go to the Non-Schengen KLM Crown Lounge instead, which is opened from 07:00 AM until 07:00 PM. This lounge is located between the E and F pier at Schiphol Airport. Show your travel documents at the documentation check to enter the Non-Schengen area. 

The lounge is temporarily open for passengers with lounge access. If you don’t have lounge access yet, you can pay the reduced rate of EUR 35 at the entrance. Please be aware that the lounge is open for seating only. All services related to food and beverages are currently closed due to government measures. This includes Blue bar and restaurant.


Disinfecting the aircraft

Good hygiene is and has always been our priority. We’ve taken extra measures when it comes to the cleaning and maintenance of our aircraft before you embark. Every day, our aircraft are thoroughly cleaned with approved disinfectants. During the flight, the air in our aircraft is continually renewed with fresh air drawn in from outside. Our aircraft are equipped with an air filtration system consisting of High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters which capture 99,99% of viruses and bacteria, including coronaviruses. 



The catering might be different from what you’re used to from us. To ensure your safety and the safety of our cabin crew, we’ve adjusted our catering service to limit physical contact between passengers and our cabin crew as much as possible. 


On European flights, you will find a box containing a sandwich, a biscuit and a cup of water on your seat. On intercontinental flights, you will find a bag containing snacks, fruit and drinks on your seat. We only serve a hot meal on flights longer than 9 hours. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to order a special meal right now. Of course, you are most welcome to bring your own snacks if you want to be sure of a bite during your flight. Please note restaurants at the airport might be closed. 


You can still ask us for water and soft drinks, but hot and alcoholic drinks won’t be available for now.


Extra measures during the flight

Whenever possible, we follow the general guidelines about social distancing, which means that we create as much space as possible around you by keeping seats empty. 


Our aircraft are equipped with so-called coronakits, in case someone unexpectedly shows any signs of illness during the flight. These kits contain Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for passengers and our staff to limit the risk of an infection on board. 



You can buy a face mask, or make your own. It should fit snugly against the side of your face and cover the nose, mouth and chin and should consist of at least 2 layers of tightly woven fabric, such as cotton or linen.  

If the face covering gets too moist, it’s advisable to change to a new one for your own comfort. Make sure to bring enough masks with you to last the entire flight

(and don’t forget to take your return flight into account!). 


Wearing a face coverage

When putting on your mask, make sure to cover your nose, mouth and chin.   

Use the loops or ties to remove your mask again and do not touch the mask itself. Wash your hands with water and soap or use disinfectant hand gel immediately. 


Eating and drinking

You can temporarily remove your mask while eating or drinking. Keep this period as short as possible. When removing the face coverage, make sure to follow the above-mentioned instructions. Store it in a clean space (e.g. in the original packaging or in a clean plastic bag). You’re not allowed to slide your mask under your chin or put it on your head.


For your safety, you should use your mask before boarding, during your flight, and when deplaning. For more on this airlines safety procedures and ticketing expand the (+) signs below.


Given the new economic environment, the LATAM group further reduced costs and increased efficiency in order to offer tickets that on average can be up to 20% more affordable.

This new platform on the LATAM website contains detailed information on the chosen destination and provides travel solutions for passengers, who will also be able to connect with third-party providers on passenger responsibilities of securing entry, exit and any re-entry criteria for the destination they are visiting.



LATAM Airlines Group and its affiliates have adopted the best sanitation practices in the world, following the recommendations of the WHO and the industry. 



The measures during check are:

 Attention to the passenger

The cleaning and disinfection of the passenger service area increased, including counters and all self-service kiosks.

 Self-service terminals

The LATAM group has self-service kiosks at all the airports where it operates, guaranteeing an autonomous service without face-to-face counters.

Use of mandatory masks 

From the moment of arrival at check-in and while boarding, as well as during flight and disembarkation, the use of masks will be mandatory for all passengers. This measure extends to cabin crew in all phases of the flight.

  • Continuous sanitation 
  • Proactive disinfection procedures in all aircraft after each arrival on all flights and of the entire cabin with quaternary ammonium spray and additional manual cleaning.
  • Alcohol gel available onboard all aircraft. 
  • Cleaning of frequent passenger contact points (e.g., handles, toilets, armrests, belts, screens, light and call switches, seat pockets, windows and trays) during all phases of flight.
  •  Air Filtration .All of the L group’s fleet has air recirculation systems that renews the air every 3 minutes with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, removing 99.97% of the particles.


  • More space on board
  • Boarding will include social distancing requirements between passengers, avoiding crowds. Front restrooms will remain for the exclusive use of the crew, to minimize contact with passengers.

 Blankets and Beds

  • All blankets, downs, and pillows are laundered after each flight. In the case of pillows, they can also be discarded depending on the material.

For your safety, you should use your mask before boarding, during your flight, and when deplaning. For more on this airlines safety procedures and ticketing expand the (+) signs below.


In light of the current situation, Lufthansa is offering flexible rebooking options for all ticket fares. You may simply keep your ticket and rebook at no extra charge until August 31 as soon as you have decided on a new travel date – even after the original date of flight.

All fares and ticket prices can be rebooked for existing as well as new bookings on short, medium and long-haul routes until end of August. This also applies for cancelled flights.


We therefore kindly ask you to use a face mask on all your travels with Lufthansa as of Monday, May 4, during your stay at the airport as well as onboard. All Lufthansa Group cabin crew with direct customer contact will of course also be wearing appropriate protection. Together we can ensure that travel remains safe even in times of the coronavirus.

We kindly ask you to bring your own face mask and, for the sake of sustainability, we recommend a reusable cloth mask. Of course, you may use any type of face covering, such as simple disposable masks or even scarves.

For now, wearing a face mask remains mandatory until August 31, 2020.


Distancing guidance at the airport

We are providing our guests with clearly visible information on safe distances through floor markings or signboards in all areas of the airport.


Modified security screening processes

Additional measures have been introduced at security control to maintain distancing and avoid physical checking and scanning.


Reduction of hand baggage to a minimum

The security control at the airport only permits one piece of hand luggage per guest. Accordingly, any piece of hand luggage that complies with the regulations may now be checked in free of charge – even if you have booked a Light fare.

Boarding by groups

When boarding, we ask you to board the aircraft in groups in order to allow sufficient safe distances.


It is important to us to offer you the best possible service, especially in these times when travelling is more complex than usual. Together with our virologists, we have scrutinized all processes on board our aircraft, and we have adapted them to prioritize your health and the health of our employees.


Face mask requirement

Please wear a face mask during the entire flight to provide additional protection to yourself and others.


Cabin cleaning

Surfaces & touchpoints in aircraft (e.g. armrests, seat belts, seat belt fastenings/buckles, tables & toilet door handles) are being thoroughly cleaned between flights using certified cleaning products. If the presence of a highly infectious disease such as COVID-19 is suspected, a special aircraft disinfection will be carried out by certified disinfection specialists in line with the Infection Protection Act.


Air filters

The air on board our aircraft circulates vertically and passes through highly effective filter systems, ensuring a complete air exchange within a few minutes. Thus, the excellent air quality, in combination with wearing a face mask, offers so much protection that it is not essential to maintain minimum distances to passengers in neighboring seats. Nevertheless, if the occupancy rate is low, the seats are of course allocated as widely as possible throughout the cabin.


As examples of our changes we’ve made, our cabin crew will not serve open meals in the cabin at all. In addition, we are minimizing print material—only the menu card and safety card will continue to be available on board. Disinfection wipes will be distributed by the crew.

We will offer this simplified on-board service through August 31, 2020.

Due to the current situation, no pillows are available in Economy Class and Business Class. As a guest in Business Class you will receive a freshly washed blanket on night flights.

The Lufthansa Magazine as well as the WorldShop catalogue and the in-flight sales magazine are currently not available to you.


For your safety, you should use your mask before boarding, during your flight, and when deplaning. For more on this airlines safety procedures and ticketing expand the (+) signs below.


Due to the current developments related to the Coronavirus, SWISS offers various goodwill rules for rebookings and cancellations. These goodwill rules are also valid for the entire Lufthansa Group (SWISS, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines and Eurowings).


If your flight has been cancelled, you have the following choices:

  • You can rebook free of charge to an alternative flight to the same destination and within the same travel class.
  • Your ticket will remain valid and you can use it towards a future flight. Latest start of travel is 31 December 2021. If you would like to choose this option, please get in touch with us, latest by 31 January 2021. You can also change your destination and your travel class. Please note, that in these cases, an additional payment might be necessary, e.g. if you change to a higher travel class.

Your flight is not cancelled

If you book until 30 June 2020 we will waive the rebooking fee. You are able to rebook all newly purchased tickets worldwide free of charge once, regardless of the terms of condition of the purchased fare.

Start of travel must be until 31 December 2021. The rebooking must be done before the original start of travel. If the original fare is not available anymore, the fare difference must be paid.


SWISS is aware that the uncertain news surrounding the risk and spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) may worry some passengers. We are therefore all the more grateful that you continue to place your trust in us and fly with SWISS.

The safety of our passengers and employees is our top priority. We are, of course, following developments very closely. SWISS and the Lufthansa Group are prepared for all possible scenarios and will take swift decisions about further actions and any possible measures in cooperation with the relevant authorities, as required.


We also want your journey on board to be as comfortable and safe as possible during this situation. We have taken precautionary steps to protect you, our crew members and colleagues on the ground from any health risks. This includes supplying protective masks for personal use to our cabin crew on selected flights and our colleagues at selected airports.

The air on board all SWISS aircraft is cleaner than on the ground. It is made up of 60% fresh air from outside. The air circulated in the cabin is filtered to remove impurities such as dust, bacteria and viruses. Filter standards and airflow meet the standards for hospital operating rooms.

We are also well equipped for any suspected coronavirus cases on board. In such cases, tried and tested processes have been put in place. These have been developed by our medical service team for passengers with infectious diseases in general and our crews are trained for this.

You can also play your part to protect yourself and others from infection on board by following the recommendations of the Federal Office of Public Health–– external link. This includes thorough and regular handwashing, correct behaviour when coughing and sneezing and avoiding hand-to-hand contact.


For your safety, you should use your mask before boarding, during your flight, and when deplaning. For more on this airlines safety procedures and ticketing expand the (+) signs below.


Refunds within 24 hours

You can cancel a booking without paying any penalty, provided it is done within 24 hours of making the booking and more than 7 days before the trip.

Refunds within 24 hours of the booking and less than 7 days before the journey are subject to a refund fee of USD30. Refunds will be issued in the form of a voucher with the fee deducted. These vouchers are not refundable and must be used for the purchase of TAP tickets within the space of one year. 

If the refund is requested within 24 hours after the reservation is completed, but after the departure of the original flight (no-show), the fare rules will apply instead of this fee.


Changes and cancellations

The conditions for changes and cancellations (excluding periods indicated above), change depending on the conditions of the fare you chose.

The rules concerning changes and cancellations apply per route and may be different depending on the route you want to change.

Some fares may involve penalties for making changes or cancellations, they may be non-refundable or they may not permit changes. 

When you make your reservation online, you must read the conditions of the fare or fares you are purchasing on the ticket purchase page before finalizing the purchase of your ticket.

No charges apply when applying for a refund through FLYTAP. If you apply for a refund through either the Contact Centre or a sales desk, then a service charge of USD40 per ticket will be made, regardless of the fare.


Transporting our Clients and our crew safely has always been our priority.

Since the emergence of the Covid-19 outbreak, it has become clear to the entire team that nothing is more critical than the health and safety of our workers and all of our Clients. That is why it is important to update and share all the work done and the measures that we have been implementing, in line with the EASA, IATA, DGS and UCS guidelines , to ensure your health and safety when traveling with us.

Today our focus is on uniting everyone’s efforts to combat Covid 19 and, at the same time, ensure that air travel remains safe. Together we can manage to regain travellers’ confidence. This is our commitment.

In all airport facilities, measures were put in place to safeguard the health and safety of all workers and Clients.

These measures aim to minimize contacts and interactions, and to ensure rigorous cleaning and permanent disinfection. Count on additional protection measures and new procedures at the following areas: check-in, delivery and collection of baggage, security control processes, pre-boarding, boarding and deplaning.

  • Daily preventive disinfection of all our aircraft since March 20.
  • Fast and effective nebulization process that acts against encapsulated viruses and most common bacteria in just 30 seconds.
  • Strict compliance with the hygiene and routine cleaning protocols of our aircraft before each departure, as well as work spaces. Additional cleaning and disinfection procedures specific to the Coronavirus Covid-19, deeper cleaning of frequent contact surfaces  using approved biocidal products, in line with the Portuguese Directorate-General for Health (DGS) guidelines, the aeronautical safety specifications and those from our aircraft manufacturers.
  • Our aircraft are equipped with a vertical air recycling system that completely renews the cabin air very frequently, every 2 to 3 minutes, twenty times an hour;
  • This vertical system, which works by sections of 5 rows of seats, guarantees fresh air in all areas of the aircraft, at the same time and with the same quality;
  • We use HEPA filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air) identical to those used in operating rooms. These filters can extract up to 99.999% of even the smallest viruses, including viruses as small as 0.01 micrometer. The viruses of the coronavirus family are between 0.08 and 0.16 micrometers, therefore they are promptly filtered by the HEPA filters, in sections and every 2 to 3 minutes.

HEPA filters extract viruses as small as 0.01 micrometer

Coronavirus family viruses measure 0.08 to 0.16 micrometer

  • Our crews have used personal protective equipment throughout the flight, since  March 23 for your safety and that of everyone, in addition to having disinfection and cleaning equipment and products at their disposal. 
  • The use of a face mask is essential in the protection against Covid-19. We use it, on the ground and on board; also use it throughout your journey, namely on board. Take care of yourself and take care of everyone!
  • TAP crews are permanently trained in the procedures for the identification, approach and treatment of suspect cases of infectious disease on board, including Covid-19, and have the equipment and consumables they need on all flights.

For your safety, you should use your mask before boarding, during your flight, and when deplaning. For more on this airlines safety procedures and ticketing expand the (+) signs below.


Customers now have until June 30 to make changes to, or cancel, any travel they have booked through the end of the year without fees. This is in addition to existing waivers already in place. If you decide to cancel your flight, you can retain the value of your ticket to be applied to a new ticket without a fee. These electronic travel certificates are now valid for 24 months from the date they were issued.


We remain passionate about connecting the world safely. United CleanPlus℠ is our commitment to delivering industry-leading* cleanliness, plus putting health and safety at the forefront of your experience. We’re teaming up with Clorox to redefine our cleaning and disinfection procedures, and over the coming months, we’ll roll out Clorox products across our U.S. airports, starting in select locations, to help support a healthy and safe environment throughout your travel journey.

We’re dedicated to bringing the United CleanPlus commitment to you in three distinct ways:

  • Delivering industry leading cleanliness
  • Prioritizing your well being
  • Innovating for a healthier tomorrow

Developed in conjunction with the Cleveland Clinic

We’re working closely with the experts at Cleveland Clinic to advise us on enhancing our cleaning and disinfection protocols for the safety of our employees and customers. Visit Cleveland Clinic’s website to learn more about COVID-19.

We’re the only U.S. airline with a full-time, on-site medical director, who’s been providing guidance throughout the coronavirus outbreak. With their expertise, we’ll keep working to develop ways to create the safest travel journey in a rapidly changing world. Some examples include:

• Rolling out touch less kiosks at select airports. Learn more
• Developing tools to reduce the touch points throughout your travel experience.
• Implementing temperature checks for employees at our hub airports.
• Testing UV sanitation deployed by drones and hand-held wands, as well as an antimicrobial shield, for airport and aircraft surfaces.
• Testing artificial intelligence that can assist with temperature screenings and crowd detection.

Keep checking in for more updates as we continue to analyze all aspects of the travel journey.


Delivering industry-leading cleanliness
We’re leveraging the disinfecting expertise and suite of products from Clorox, the #1 trusted brand for powerful cleaning, to deliver an industry-leading standard of cleanliness. Together, we’re doing this by:
• Disinfecting high-touch areas like arm rests, door handles, lavatories, seatback screens and seat belts.
• Equipping employees with hand sanitizer and other supplies.
• Providing hand sanitizer wipes as you board the aircraft.
• Ensuring our aircraft cleaning standards meet, and in many cases exceed, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.
Visit Clorox’s website to learn about disinfecting tips, products and more.

We’re also continuing to enhance and improve our cleaning processes by:
• Using electrostatic spraying for enhanced cabin sanitation on aircraft at our hub airports. See how
• Using state-of-the-art high-efficiency (HEPA) filters on all United aircraft to circulate air and remove up to 99.97% of airborne particles.
• Reducing touchpoints by temporarily shutting down self-service kiosks, asking you to scan your boarding pass and encouraging you to use united.com or the United app.
• Installing sneeze guards at key interaction points like baggage and check-in counters.

Prioritizing your well-being
We’re adjusting certain parts of the travel experience to address your health and safety by:

• Changing some things about onboard food and beverage service. Beginning May 22, we’ll introduce an “all-in-one” snack bag that includes a wrapped sanitizer wipe, 8.5-ounce bottled water, Stroopwafel and package of pretzels. This snack bag replaces the complimentary economy snack and beverage service on domestic flights scheduled for 2 hours and 20 minutes or more.
• Boarding fewer customers at a time and boarding back to front by rows after pre-boarding.
• Adjusting advance seat selection to avoid seating you next to other travelers, depending on aircraft configuration and cabin. For regularly scheduled flights that are expected to be fairly full, we’ll let you change your flight with no change fee or receive a travel credit for your trip. We’ll do our best to contact you about 24 hours before your departure time so you can decide before you arrive at the airport.
• Requiring all United travelers, flight attendants and employees on board to wear face coverings. Learn more
• Minimizing contact between our agents and customers by creating a 6-foot rule at ticket counters.


Throughout the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Miami International Airport (MIA) has continued to be a leading global gateway and remains committed to serving its local community and passengers from around the world with industry best practices and guidelines.


The Miami-Dade Aviation Department (MDAD) has been adapting airport operations  to continue safeguarding our passengers, visitors and employees. Your health and safety remains our highest priority. In addition to the safety precautions we have made, travelers are urged to follow the tips below to stay healthy while visiting MIA.