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Surf Camp Bali to Norway

Surf Camp Bali to Norway

The combination of beautiful waves, warm climate and a rad culture makes Bali one of the best destinations on the planet (sorry Norway! But see below). The camp is the perfect spot to just chill out at after a long day of surfing. Take a swim in the pool, hang out in the garden lounge or relax in the sun.

Canggu – Bali
The combination of beautiful waves, warm climate and a rad culture makes Bali one of the best destinations on the planet. It’s also one of the worlds’ best places if you want to learn how to surf. The friendly locals and the tasty food add even more reasons for you to go.


The surf camp is located in the middle of a green rice field in the idyllic area of Canggu. This is a peaceful area but still only a short walk from great surf and great restaurants. You will love it here no matter who you are.


A promise of a nice climate, beautiful scenery, a relaxing atmosphere and loads of surf. You’ll also be meeting new people and getting to know a new culture. The rest is up to you. There is so much to do and we can help you with most of it At Lapoint you will spend the days surfing the beautiful clear waters and in the evenings and get together and brag about the days’ adventures.


The location and vibe is just unbeatable. Great surf, amazing staff, friendly locals and a perfect villa makes this one of our finest camps.

Packages Included at all Destinations:

For information on traveling to this locale and or additional information on this or any other article please contact us here. Or call tel: +1. 305.445.7791

For beginners and for those who have tried a few times, Level 1 sets the perfect foundation for your surfing.

If you know the basics of surfing and have been taking lessons before, Level 2 is the way to go!

Stay in a epic Villa with friendly people but surf on your own. Walking distance to world class waves


Based out of Norway, Sweden and Portugal. Lapoint has been an eclectic and diverse company since day one. Combined we have decades of experience from traveling the globe in search of great waves, great snow and great experiences. All this time spent on the road has boiled down to the question that has become the core of the Lapoint concept: What do you remember?

To feel good, to have fun, to evolve and to progress. That’s what it is all about. The social dimension of a journey is often the one who leaves the longest lasting impressions. This is what we have realized and we have built our camps accordingly. They all have large areas to hang out and we have filled this space with fun things to do. Every camp is unique with its own atmosphere and cultural heritage. All you have to do is choose the one that seems the most appealing to you.

Lapoint is built on a dedication to sports and everyone involved is a committed rider. Lapoint want you to experience great things, in optimal conditions, for your level. In traveling the globe we can assure you that all Lapoint destinations offer world-class conditions. Weather you want you to have a steep learning curve, weather you are a beginner or a pro, and that’s is why Lapoint offer instructions with qualified coaches on most of our destinations. Lapoint have some of the best instructors and have world class team of riders to make sure that even the most experienced has a great platform for improvements at their Surf Camps.

Other surf camp destinations include Sri Lanka, Bali, Costa Rica, Portugal, Morocco and yes NORWAY!

Surf Camp Stadt – Norway

Most people associate surfing with long beaches, palm trees and tropical climates. Just few persons know that the surf in Norway is – by far – as exotic, it is just a bit colder. You are surrounded by a stunning nature with crystal clear water and majestic mountains. The experience is magical…

Stadt & Hoddevik


Shangri-la is defined as an imaginary paradise on earth. For us working at Lapoint, Shangri-La has many different faces. Stadt and Hoddevik is definitely one of them. Experience the wild nature, surf good waves and meet new friends in this clean and beautiful utopia! What more can you ask for?


Lapoint started up with surf camps at Stadt in 2008, and most of our guests keep on coming back every year. A surf trip to Stadt is a unique experience unlike any other place on earth… A majestic, wild and beautiful nature that few other surf places can beat.


Along with good times at Lapoint Surfcamp – whether you are in the living room, the garden, at the sun terrace or the hot tub. And of course great surf Hoddevik can offer quality wave conditions for both beginners and advanced surfers.

For information on traveling to this locale and or additional information on this or any other article please contact us here. Or call tel: +1. 305.445.7791
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