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Post COVID-19 Business Travel Guidance

Here at the Continental Travel Group, we understand that people will have mixed emotions about traveling again for business in the post Covid-19 world. We want to make sure that you have all the information and support you need in order to travel with confidence when you are ready to do so. To help with this, Continental Travel Group has created the below checklist, to ensure you get all the information and advice you need when considering, booking, or embarking on travel.

Before you Book Travel

  • Before you Book Travel  Is the trip necessary? (i.e. could the same outcome be achieved via a virtual call/meeting?)  
  • Could the trip be completed by Car (Own vehicle/Car Hire) instead of flying or taking public transport?  
  • Check the trip is permissible with your Travel Manager, H.R. Department, Line Manager  Check the trip is permissible as per your company Travel Policy. Make sure you check the policy for any recent amendments due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 
  • Check that the people/organisation you are visiting are able/willing to meet with you  
  • Check that Continental Travel Group have provided you with the latest information on entry and health restrictions for your destination(s)  
  • Only book travel, including extras such as Airport Car Parking, Car Hire etc., through your appointed travel agency, Continental Travel Group. 
  • If we book the whole trip, from door-to-door, we can track and report on the whole trip to your company
  • Try to book flexible fares/rates that can be cancelled and/or amended for a fee

Make sure Continental Travel Group  has your contact information to add to the booking  If you have any concerns about traveling then speak to your Travel Manager, H.R. Department, Line Manager. They are there to support you and it goes without saying you can speak to  Continental Travel Group

Before you Travel

  • Share copies of your itinerary with your family, friends, or colleagues. Just so people are aware of where you’re supposed to be 
  • Create a medical card/sheet showing any allergies you have, any medicines you’re taking, blood-type, doctors’ details, and emergency contact information etc.  Make sure your phone is approved for international roaming (if required)  
  • Make sure you have a copy of your organisation’s travel and medical insurance cover for whilst you are traveling and ensure they include any emergency contact numbers for both 

Make sure you have contact details for:  

  • Your Travel Manager, H.R. Department, Line Manager including any “out-of-hours” numbers  
  • Good Travel Management Office number Continental Travel Group Out of Hours contact number  
  • Emergency contact details for family and/or friends  
  • Contact details for the people/organisation you are visiting at your destination  
  • Pack PPE, (Facemask, gloves etc.) sanitiser, wipes etc.  
  • Make sure you are aware of the check-in time for any flights. Airlines may want you to check-in much earlier than they previously would have.  
  • Check-in Online if possible  Make sure you carry your own pen to sign any travel documentation such as hotel check-in form, car rental agreement etc.  
  • Take a pair of socks or slippers to wear in the hotel room.

Corporate Travel Services

The Continental Travel Group provides solutions that have built-in controls that ensure compliance with the agreed authorization procedures and travel policy.

Traveling by Air

  • DO NOT travel if you are feeling under the weather. Many airports and airlines are implementing temperature checks at various stages before boarding. 
  • If you “fail” any of these checks then you will not be permitted to travel.  If possible, drive to the airport, using your own vehicle or hire car, rather than travelling by public transport  
  • Aim to get to the airport earlier than you normally would in anticipation for longer queues for entry to the car parks, terminals, check-in desks, security etc.  
  • Make sure you have a Facemask as this will be a mandatory requirement for the majority of airlines  
  • Take some food on-board as airlines will probably not be serving food in-flight for the time being. Listen carefully for airport and airline announcements

When staying at a Hotel

  • Do NOT travel if you are feeling under the weather. Many hotels are implementing temperature checks on entry to the hotel. If you “fail” any such check then you will not be permitted to enter the hotel.  
  • The hotel may contact you before your stay to conduct a pre-arrival registration to reduce face-to-face contact on checking in.  
  • If you can check-in online, then do so  
  • Avoid sharing an elevator with another guest or member of hotel staff 
  • Even though they might be open it is advisable to avoid communal areas such as Pools, Gyms and Business Centres.

When hiring a car

  • Allow for more time when collecting your Car. Shuttle buses from airport terminals to Car Rental offices will be subject to social distancing rules and therefore unable to carry as many passengers as normal.  
  • Don’t be afraid to check that your hire car has been fully cleaned, inside and out, and disinfected. If it hasn’t then, refuse the car offered and request an alternative.  
  • Do not share the car with anyone else.

All travel providers are now introducing new hygiene and cleanliness measures to give people the confidence to travel again.

Safety of travelers and their staff is always their top priority and whilst your first trip post Covid-19 will not as per it normally would have been, you can be sure that it will be as risk-free as possible. Continental Travel Group are in constant contact with all travel suppliers to monitor their response to Covid-19 and it’s our job as your Travel Management Company to provide as much information as you or your travelers need to travel safely and with confidence.

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